Endorse Prop D

Elected Officials
Mayor Mark Farrell
President, Board of Supervisors London Breed
Supervisor Ahsha Safai
Supervisor Jeff Sheehy
Supervisor Catherine Stefani
Supervisor Katy Tang

San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
Sing Tao Daily

Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
API Council
Bayview Senior Services
Brightline Defense
Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Community Tenants Association
Community Youth Council
Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO)
Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco
Human Services Network
Mercy Housing
Mission Housing
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
Rose Pak Democratic Club
San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council
San Francisco Community Living Campaign
San Francisco Council of District Merchants
San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798
San Francisco Janitors Union Service Employees International Union Local 87
San Francisco Laborers International Local 261
San Francisco League of Conservation Voters
Self-Help for the Elderly
Southeast Asian Community Center
Supportive Housing Providers Network
Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Young Community Developers 

Community Leaders
Sherilyn Adams, Co-Chair of Human Services Network
Eddie Ahn, Executive Director of Brightline Defense
Dion-Jay Brookner, Deputy Director of Young Community Developers
Maria Bermudez, Operations Director of Mission Resource Center
Steve Collier, Staff Attorney of Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Vince Courtney, Jr., Recording-Secretary of Laborers International Union Local 261
Cathy Davis, Executive Director of Bayview Senior Services
Gail Gilman, Co-Chair of Supportive Housing Providers Network
Barbara Gualco, Vice President of Mercy Housing
Steve Ishii, Executive Director of Kimochi
Marie Jobling, Executive Director of Community Living Campaign
Henry Karnilowicz, President of San Francisco Council of District Merchants
Wing Hoo Leung, President of Community Tenants Association
Jen Low, President of Rose Pak Democratic Club
Eric Lukoff, Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club Co-Chair
Olga Miranda, President of SEIU Local 87
Sam Moss, Executive Director of Mission Housing Development
Emily Murase, Commissioner of San Francisco Board of Education
Philip Nguyen, Executive Director of Southeast Asian Community Center
Rachel Norton, Commissioner of San Francisco Board of Education
Tom O’Connor, President of San Francisco Firefighters Local 798
Randy Shaw, Executive Director of Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Doug Shoemaker, President of Mercy Housing
Michael Theriault, Secretary-Treasurer of San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council
Sarah Wan, Executive Director of Community Youth Center of San Francisco
Cally Wong, Director of API Council
Harlen Wong, 2nd Vice President of San Francisco Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Adam Wood, Director of San Francisco Firefighters Local 798
Anni Yuet-Kuen Chung, President and CEO of Self-Help for the Elderly


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*Titles for identification purposes only

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