Why Proposition D?

Every San Franciscan deserves to have a safe, affordable roof over their head. Your YES vote on Proposition D will help ensure that everyone – including critical service providers like teachers, nurses, and firefighters -- can afford to live and work here in the city they serve.

We all feel this affordable housing crisis.  Proposition D offers a way to do something about it without burdening people who cannot afford to pay more.  Proposition D places a gross receipts tax on corporations to make sure they pay their fair share. It exempts non-profits and small businesses and generates a one-billion-dollar fund for affordable housing and homeless services.

Proposition D will help over 28,000 San Franciscans in the next decade.

More specifically, Proposition D will:

  • Help working families like teachers, firefighters, and nurses afford housing in San Francisco while still having enough money for basic necessities like groceries, gas, and childcare.

  • Protect our seniors, including helping extremely low-income seniors to find a home.

  • Provide affordable housing for our most vulnerable populations including veterans, seniors and people with disabilities.

  • Provide housing and supportive services for the homeless including mental health care, substance abuse programs and navigation centers.

  • Protect rent-controlled housing at risk of being bought and flipped to help renters stay in their homes and protect families from eviction.

Proposition D is a robust plan with strong accountability measures.  Every dollar raised must stay in San Francisco and will be spent according to a specific, detailed plan.  Independent annual audits will ensure funds are spent as approved by voters.

Join our broad coalition of working families, renters and business leaders.

Vote YES on Proposition D! 


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